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HSIN YU SCREW ENTERPRISE Co., LTD.HSIN YU SCREW ENTERPRISE Co., LTD. was established in 1978, mainly producing screws and bolts for domestic market. To develop international market, HSIN YU built 4950 square meters plant at Dali, Taichung Industrial Park at 1966 and purchased another 9900 square meters plant for enlarging production capacity and contracting new-designed capacity allocation at 2005. New construction can save more labor, reduce noise, cut the fumes generated during forging and also more match to green industry and help to ensure employees’ health conditions.

HSIN YU gained ISO9000 quality assurance certification early, and being positive to promote TS16949 assurance certification lately.

With up to 50 employees, 10 more of them own master’s degree and others are professional engineers; HSIN YU has built great reputation in Taiwan.

We produce Heading Machine, Multi-Stroke Machine, Double Knife Groove Machine, U.S. Horizontal Rolling Machine, world famous Machining, CNC Lathe, CNC Grinding Machines and so on. Also owns the very first German imports of auto mold storage and Mold Auto-Management in Taiwan, playing the leading role in the industry.

To make precision quality testing, HSIN YU owns Horizontal projector, Micro hardness tester, Cutter grinding machine, Plating measured X-Ray Machine, Video Projector, and Torque Tester.

HSIN YU is going to use SPC Process Control system to progress self competitiveness in the world and to win partnerships with those best companies in the world as well.

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